Problem: RL people invading your fandom life. No longer able to post as much porn as you want.


In other words, this is my dedicated fandom tumblr. My regular tumbly is, just in case you were interested.

My Ao3

Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you between one and five sentences from that story.

His brain would probably taste awful.

Here’s a fucking prompt for all the Fannibals out there:

Hannibal Lecter hunts down George Zimmerman and eats his brain while he’s still alive a la Paul Krendler in Hannibal.

  • Me: I've been planning on giving my apartment a good cleaning all week. It's filthy. I really need to clean.
  • Me: I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna clean the shit out of this place.
  • Me: After I finish writing mindfucky threesome fic.

Will Graham is Rescued

Will Graham is in prison. Suddenly, Beverly Katz busts through the wall, a box full of irrefutable evidence proving him Innocent under one arm and an adorable puppy in the other. They show the evidence to the authorities, who are forced to release Will and go after Hannibal instead. Bev and Will drive off into the sunset (ie over to Alana’s house for dinner where none of the food is people) in Bev’s awesome rocket car.

Will Graham Makes a Good Decision

Will Graham takes a leap of faith and retires from the FBI entirely. Several people try to talk him out of it (and some try to guilt him out of it) but with encouragement from Alana, he writes up a resignation letter, settles his affairs in Wolf Trap, packs up his dogs, and moves to the Florida Keys. Once, he has a weird dream about some guy called ‘The Red Dragon’ but it’s only a dream. He forgets all about it and moves on with his life.

Hannibal-King Arthur Crossover fic. Where is it?

Because I’m an exceedingly silly person and desire both Hannigram and Galahad/Tristan. At the same time.

Eat the fandom elite

This tends to happen whenever a creative work is revised or revamped in any way and it’s very, very silly.

Lately, it’s been happening in the Hannibal fandom.


Calm the fuck down, guys. I was all in love with the books first too but I’m not going to bash on new fans and try and play Queen of Cannibal Hill.

  • The Hannibal books/movies are a robust franchise and cultural icon. Nothing’s going to RUIN THEM FOREVERRRRR.
  • Porny fic has never ruined anything. Invest in Tumblr Savior or simply learn to live with it. If I can learn to ignore the copious amounts of Thorki that slip through my Tumblr Savior net, then YOU can learn to live with Hannibal slash popping up on your dash.
  • Just because YOU WERE HERE FIRST  doesn’t mean you get special treatment. In all actuality, you WEREN’T there first. NO ONE was there first. It’s fandom, not a damn race.
  • Fandoms need to grow OR THEY WILL DIE. Which means LESS STUFF FOR FANS TO ENJOY. Being a bully will only result in potential new fans not wanting to join in on the fun. Less fans= fandom death.
  • People are going to interpret and enjoy things differently. Get over yourself and stop harshing everyone else’s fun.
  • We’re all here because we love the same thing. We already have every reason to get along and act civil.



Hey everyone!  I’m going to try this and hopefully there is some interest.

I started this tumblr about two months ago and it already has more watchers than my personal blog that’s been around for years.  To thank everyone I thought I’d do this (kind of) give away!

Two winners will get to have themselves (or their preferred persona, avatar, character, etc) illustrated as a supporting character in an upcoming comic! (Sample shown above)

Likes and Reblogs both count.
Please be courteous and don’t spam your friends and followers.
You do not have to be watching this blog.
If your preferred avatar is not you, please choose one that would fit into a high school setting (aka, human, but that human can be a bit out there)

I’ll choose the winners on March 30th, please have your ask box open if you enter!

Thank you all and good luck!

Tea (giveaway) time!



Only two winners this time… You’ll get either 
John Thornton (+ Margaret Hale, cause they’re a ship)




Thorin Oakenshield.


  • only reblogs count, likes do not
  • first winner gets to choose which one, so make sure your askbox is open for me to contact you
  • giveaway ends next this sunday, March 24th 2013.

 Good luck! :)

Always reblog for tea